Mullin Automotive Park

The backers of The Mullin at Great Tew, the proposed museum in England’s Cotswolds that would house part of Peter Mullin’s car collection, won approval to go ahead with their plans. Mullin Automotive Park at Enstone Airfield is designed as a collection of buildings forming a crescent within a parkland site. The museum, close to Chipping Norton and the Soho Farmhouse members club, will look at the past and the future of motoring.

Foster + Partners head of studio Gerard Evenden said: ‘We are delighted to be part of this exciting new development that represents the convergence of mobility and lifestyle to create a new vision for the future. Mullin Automotive Park will be a unique cultural destination set in Cotswolds countryside, which seeks to support the wider community as well as providing a special experience for classic automobile collectors.’

Roads have been designed within the park to give cars from the Mullin collection a runout, allowing visitors to have an ‘immersive experience.’
Museum founder and businessman Peter Mullin outlined his vision of the way cars would develop. ‘My great grandchildren will probably never drive a motorcar – at least not as we know it,’ he said. ‘Instead they will travel in secure autonomous pods controlled by a computer.’ ‘The Mullin Automotive Park will tell the powerful story of the automobile and its role in shaping our societies, while also offering a view into the myriad possibilities that the future holds.







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