Bugatti: The Italian Decade


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BUGATTI: The Italian Decadeby Gautam Sen, with the support of Jean-Marc Borel, Alberto Martinez, Xavier de Nombel and Thomas Popper. 

When in 1987, Romano Artioli and his high-profile associates – Ferruccio Lamborghini, Paolo Stanzani, and Jean-Marc Borel, decided to reincarnate Bugatti, one of the most famous automotive marques of all time, they were not the first to go down this path. Attempts at relaunching famous brands, such as Duesenberg, Invicta, Mercer, and Stutz, had been made by moneyed adventurers, yet all the projects, almost without fail, had ended in sorrow.
In what way could Bugatti be any different?
What Happened? Why did it happen? 
Bugatti: The Italian Decade answers all that and more.

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Year: 2023
Publisher: Dalton Watson
Format: Hardcover with dust jacket
Language: English

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