Lysis by Pierre Le Faguays

Lysis, c.1928 – Bronze, marble base

Pierre Le Faguays (1892-1962)

Pierre Le Faguays was born in Nates, France in 1892. He was known for his sculptures made with mediums such as ivory, wood, stone and bronze. He participated in his first exhibition at the Salon of the Society of French Artists in 1922. He received honorable mentions in 1926 and 1927 in the Sculpture class. His sculpture was inspired by the molded terracotta figures from Tanagra. Le Faguays was known to go by the pseudonym Guerbe and Fayral, the surnames of his mother and wife. His death date is

debated, but likely around 1962.

Lysis is a patinated metal sculpture from 1928 of a cast of a semi-nude maiden with the ends of her costume on her wrists.