2010 International Bugatti Rally Poster by Mike Mate

Mike Mate is an automotive illustrator who has done commissions for icons in the field such as Phil Hill, Carroll Shelby, and Jim Hall. He has been published in the US and internationally in publications such as Road & Track and Automobile Magazine, the UK’s Classic and Sports Car and France’s Autojournal. He has also been given the honor of designing posters for events such as the Monterey Historics and the Colorado Grand rally in addition to this particular poster for the 2010 International Bugatti Rally in Big Sur. 

The 2010 International Bugatti rally consisted of approximately 80 Bugatti Grand Prix and Touring cars. The tour began in Carmel and went for a scenic drive of Northern California including Highway 1, across the Golden Gate Bridge, and then an adventure to Los Angeles culminating with a gala at the Mullin Automotive Museum. This particular painting was used for the poster of the event.