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Schlumpf Reserve Collection

The Mullin Automotive Museum is home to several cars that once belonged to the late Schlumpf family from the Alsace region of France.

The Schlumpf family ran a hugely successful European textile empire. With the advent of synthetic fabric in the 1970s, the Schlumpf empire fell along with their fortunes. They even stopped paying their employees’ salaries. They continued, however, to buy bespoke French automobiles, amassing more than 750 vehicles which they stored in a clandestine garage complete with its own racetrack.

In 1977, the Schlumpfs were exposed by better-paid employees, and an angry mob stormed their secret garage and set fire to the cars. The cars were then confiscated for unpaid taxes, and Peter Mullin acquired 65 vehicles in the collection.

Several are on display in unrestored, original condition, highlighting the fascinating history and scandal behind them.