Under the Hood Event at the museum Thursday, June 8th at 10am - Tickets are available until June 7th

Furniture and Decorative Arts

The Mullin Collection includes pieces of furniture, decorative arts, paintings, and photographs from the 1920s and ‘30s.

The streamlined styling of French automobiles of the 1920s and ‘30s was mirrored in the art and architecture of the day. The Mullin Collection includes unique pieces of furniture, decorative arts, paintings and photographs and hood ornaments from this influential era.

A sizable collection of rare crystal hood ornaments designed by René Lalique.  Each opalescent glass mascot in the Mullin collection features Lalique’s groundbreaking experiments with glass which resulted in superb tinted colors, and deep greyish hues. Motifs include animals, nudes, birds, mythological characters, fish, and coachbuilder marks.

The museum houses over 75 pieces of furniture by Carlo Bugatti; numerous sculptures by Rembrandt Bugatti; and figurative paintings by Carlo, Rembrandt and Lidia Bugatti.
Period furniture on display includes armchairs, desks and other fine Art Deco objects. Decorative arts include glasswork, clocks, lamps and other beautiful items Peter Mullin has collected because they highlight the artistry of the machine age.

The art gallery also features two-dimensional art pieces such as paintings, prints and photographs, while the sculptures on display are influenced by rare masterworks of exquisite period pieces.